Story of Miss

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Since the birth of Mr. Drill Bit in 1864, it has been more than 150 years. 120 years ago, Mr. Arthur Irving Jacobs, an American invented Miss drill chuck, a gear key wrench drill chuck. Since then, the drill bit and the drill chuck have been mutually cooperated to open the door of the hole processing in the machinery industry.

90 years ago, Mr. Albrecht, a German invented the self-tightening drill chuck with higher clamping force, which brought better choice for customers.

So far, there are many members in the drill chucks family, as well-known members, Miss Jacobs born in the United States is 120 years old, Miss. Rohm born in Germany is 120 years old, Miss Albrecht is 90 years old, Miss Chum Power born in Taiwan is 40 years old, and the young are Miss Weack born in China, 25 years old, and Miss Sanou, 24 years old. All of them have made outstanding contributions to the round hole processing in the machinery industry in the world.

Unfortunately, there are 7 problems in the drill chucks industry that have not been solved for more than hundred years. The main problem was that the clamping force couldn't meet all kind of requirements of the drill bit, and slipping often occurred while working, which made the work of the drill bit unable to continue, and stopping and clamping again and again, which not only affected the work efficiency, but also affected the profit of the enterprise. In addition, due to the slipping, the clamped part of the drill bit and the blade part of the clamping jaw of the drill chuck were damaged by friction, which greatly reduced the service life of both drill bit and drill chuck, which also directly increased the cost of using drill bit and drill chuck for enterprises.

The drill bit knew his strong working abilities was affected by drill chuck, so he often complained about drill chuck. The relationship between drill bit and drill chuck became very bad.

The drill chuck felt that it was not her own reason. She did her best, but still couldn't meet the requirements of the drill bit. She also felt helpless and cried all day. She prayed and hoped that the Creator could help her become stronger, helped the drill bit realize his value, and improved her relationship with the drill bit.

The enterprises also hoped that the innovative drill chuck could overcome the world's problems that have existed for 120 years. The drill bit with strong capability was even more eager for the Creator to deliver the new drill chuck with super-large clamping force and no slipping while working to him one day earlier.

The Creator was faithful. In July 2010, he entrusted this arduous task to a person who knew nothing about the drill chuck to lead to solve this industry problem for more than a century. The road of R & D was tough with detours going round and round, and suffered failure again and again. Also funds have been invested one after another, year after year, he has come to the end of despair for four times. But he was an unwilling layman, together with his small R & D team, he continued to explore and verify one possibility after another with different mechanical principles, and continued to pursue the seemingly impending success, but the reality was very slim.

After stumbling and escaping 4 times, in the development period of more disappointment than hope, more frustration than joy, the time seems to be extraordinarily long. On July 17, 2019, the tenth year of R&D, the dawn of success appeared, the last one of the seven industry's century-old problems (the backstop device to ensure that the self-tightening drill chuck can be reversed reliably) was finally overcome by this layman's 4-person R & D team, and completed the last puzzle piece of the drill chuck with powerful functions, excellent performance and outstanding performance, and the early design goals of R & D were finally completed. A member with new functions was born in the drill chucks family. It's time for Mr. drill bit and the customer to get to know and understand the little member 's functions and performance.

With trepidation, they provided seven immature samples to seven companies for testing. Received feedback from one company next day, they exclaimed, "it's great. never didn't expect to have such an easy-to-use drill chuck, the clamping force is very strong, even when holding a 30mm drill bit, when drilling without slipping, and what surprised them was that after the work was completed, the drill chuck could be easily loosened by hand without tools ,which saved time and labor, and greatly improved the work efficiency. In addition, what's more magical was that this self-tightening drill chuck could fasten screws. Even if the size of the clamping tap was as large as M24, the fastening screws without slipping, and was loosened by hand.

The boss of this company was so happy that he wanted to be the general agent of the region at that time. After receiving feedback from other testing companies, they were also surprised, especially those processing stainless steel.

However, the happiest thing is the drill bit, looking forward to the stars and the moon, and finally looking forward to the magic drill chuck that he has dreamed of and loves wholeheartedly once used, which meets all his expectations for the performance of the drill chuck and believes that this is his future destination.

With the witness and blessing of the Creator, all members of drill chucks and customers, Mr. drill bit couldn't wait to take out the most exquisite round hole ring made by him as a drilling expert and proposed to the drill chuck, which satisfied all his fantasies for the first time in his life.

The unexpected drill chuck was excited. She had been looking forward to waiting for this moment more than 120 years. For the first time, she felt Mr. drill bit's heartfelt love for her. For the first time, she felt that her own value was recognized and affirmed by him. And for the first time, she saw the smile of approval of his ability from the customers present, for the first time, she saw the praise of many members of this family for the ability of this little member, and she experienced the honor of being proposed in the history of drill chuck for the first time. The grievances and sadness of the past disappeared, and she was full of joy and happiness on her face. She agreed to Mr. drill bit's proposal and walked into the marriage hall hand in hand with him, officially becoming Mr. drill bit's favorite wife.

They no longer complained about each other, and found their true love. They loved each other, depended on each other, and embraced and integrated with passion. They tacitly and smoothly completed the work undertaken by their families, greatly improved work efficiency, and realized more value.

They sincerely thank the Creator for choosing a layman, out of the inherent design ideas of experts, designing a new structure, and being able to continuously invest financial resources , and took 10 years to solve seven problems of drill chuck successfully that have not been solved for more than 120 years, which are, a. Weak clamping force, b. Slipping while working, c. Complex operation, d. Self-tightening drill chuck can only drill holes but not tighten screws, e. Wrench drill chuck can only drill small holes, not large one and only tightening small screws, not tightening large one, f. Short service life, g. Long closing and loosening time. In addition, it also has new powerful functions (drilling large holes, tightening large screws) that the old one does not have. By one specification of the new drill chuck, it can replace several specifications of the old one. So, the existing industry standards of the drill chucks industry is completely overturned.

With the strong support of this newly born and outstanding drill chuck, the drill bit was full of vitality again, fully realized its value, not only improved efficiency, but also reduced cost, and returned the trust of the company.

Winning back the love of the drill bit, the newly born chuck was also full of pride. She was very proud and confident, and showed her powerful functions heartily, helped he lover to realize all values, and helped companies to create new values, and felt happy for this.

Similarly, the small R&D team of laymen also showed thanks to the Creator. The Creator chose them to complete this seemingly impossible task, and created a long-awaited partner of the drill bit, benefiting the whole round hole processing industry in the world, realized the dream with wisdom and value.

Inspired by the Creator, laymen named this magical drill chuck with Fodbits in English, which is the abbreviation of Fate of Drill Bits, which means that this drill chuck is the favorite of all drill bits ever! The Chinese translation is Fodbits .

We wish them love forever and ever, and wish the new couple dedicate the highest value and make more contributions to the world's mechanical round hole processing industry for a long time.

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