After inventing the drill chuck in 2012 to fill the gap of 7 technologies in the industry

After inventing the drill chuck in 2012 to fill the gap of 7 technologies in the industry, FODBITS invented a new patented product of a torque-adjustable drilling adapter on February 7, 2023. It serves another technical blank, such as drilling rods. It implements effective and safe protection of taps and drilling chucks during the tapping process so that tapping and drilling work can be carried out smoothly and smoothly, avoiding the tap and drill bit being twisted and affecting the quality of the machined workpiece.

A drilling rod is a machine tool accessory undertaking the connection of equipment and fixtures, and transmitting power output, so that the spout of the clamping tool can complete drilling, tapping, reaming, boring and other work. The traditional drilling rod is the power of the equipment uncontrolled transmission. When the torque of tapping is greater than the torque required by the tapping tap, the light damage to the tap or fixture, and even the processed workpiece is scrapped, resulting in unnecessary waste and loss; Severe cases can cause personal injury.

drill chuck

Therefore, special tapping machines have emerged in the tapping industry, realizing safe processing equipment with adjustable torque.
However, for the customer group with a small number of tapping and not many equipment, after drilling the hole, the workpiece is moved to the tapping machine, which is time-consuming, laborious, inefficient, and has to spend much money to purchase a piece of equipment, occupying the effective area of the workshop, causing many inconveniences to customers.

In this market context, FODBITS has developed a torque-adjustable rod that does not require special tapping equipment and can achieve perfect tapping and drilling torque using only existing equipment to meet customer requirements. They were widely used in ordinary lathes, Radial arm machines, Milling machines, Table drills, Boring machines, Drilling and Tapping machines, Tapping machines and other equipment, which not only facilitates the everyday work of customers but also reduces the cost of tapping for customers and improves the production efficiency of drilling and tapping.

As soon as the product was put into the market, it was welcomed and praised by customers, and orders came one after another.
The praise of customers is the greatest motivation for FODBITS employees. FODBITS will continue to increase research and development efforts, develop and produce high-tech products urgently needed by the market, solve the pain points in customers' work, and make their contributions to customers. Add glory to the manufacturing powerhouse.

Post time: Mar-07-2023