At the beginning of 2022, there was good news from the machine tool accessories industry

At the beginning of 2022, there was good news from the machine tool accessories industry, an international patent product that replaced the industry for 120 years. It is an authentic Chinese invention made in China, and its functions fill the industry's seven technical gaps. Rocked the industry. You know, in the drill chuck industry, it is the world of American and German companies: the key-drill chuck that is now used for 120 years was invented by American entrepreneurs; German entrepreneurs developed the 100-year-old self-tightening drill chucks, and they remain the mainstay of the market to this day. At the same time, the pain points of the industry's products have continued to this day.
China has a group of entrepreneurs with feelings, with the desire to solve the industry's pain points by improving the processing level of the industry and investing heavily in the research and development of new products without hesitation. Mr. Leou is one such person. When he learned that the most significant pain point in the drilling chuck industry is that 'the clamping force is not enough, the drilling chuck cannot clamp the drilling tool during work and often slips';



Three years has passed, all of which are lessons of failure;
The fourth year has passed, and there is a glimmer of hope;
The fifth year has passed, and the first industry pain point has been solved - the new gear structure has caused the clamping force of the drilling chuck to be large enough, and the drilling chuck has become a thing of the past in work;
The sixth year has passed, and Four pain points in the industry have been solved - one of which is solving the problem that self-tightening drilling chucks cannot tap.
The seventh year has passed without new progress;
The eighth year has passed, and they are still standing. One of the most crucial pain points - 'special tools must be used to clamp and loosen the drill chuck after working' is also a critical function determining whether the product can go to market, but it cannot be solved.

In The ninth year, there is hope that although the solution is not perfect, it can partially realize the functions of the design.
In the tenth year, we finally perfected the latest resolution based on the original solution and perfectly realized the parts of the most demanded products in the industry.

A new type of tapping&drilling self-tightening chuck was born with a new structure, industry upgrading, three international patents, and solving the industry's seven major pain points.
It has the advantages of seven significant industries that industry products do not have, and it also has a pain point in the industry for 120 years:
1. No slippage - the clamping force is super large;
2. It can not only drill holes but also tap screw and can also drill large holes and tap large screws;
3. No special tools are required, and they can be operated by hand; clamping and loosening are three times more efficient than a wrench drill chuck.
4. The processing range can be doubled compared with the original product, the function is powerful, and it can attack the wire of M3-M24 and drill φholes of 1-φ30mm; The position of one specification of the FODBITS drill chuck can replace the function of three specifications of a key-drill chuck
5. The accuracy is much higher than the wrench drill chuck used for 120 years;
6. Long life - 10-20 times that of wrench drill chuck; 3-7 times that of traditional self-tightening drilling chucks; It is the world's first environmentally-friendly product that saves much money in manufacturing drill chucks.
7. The world's first drill chuck can be flexibly disassembled.

This new patented drill chuck is named FODBITS-Fate Of Drill Bits, which means the LOVE of drill bits.

Post time: Mar-07-2023